By Moody Adams
Preaching in the Hasbrouck Heights Bible Baptist Church in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, is like preaching to the world. The 20 new converts were from 10 different countries.

Pastor Bill Hegedus moved to the area, just across the river from New York City, twenty years ago. The area was poles apart from the Kingsport, TN area he had previously pastored in. He thought God had put him in this difficult area for a brief stay. It did not turn out that way. He has become a foreign missionary right here in the states, as people from many African and Middle East countries move into Hasbrouck Heights.

The church has developed a great community outreach at Easter by using a large auditorium to reach thousands.

Sunday, I preached to three consecutive morning services, starting at 8:30 and ending at 12:00.
The high point of the day was seeing the altar filled.

Pastor Bill Hegedus has cultivated a strong missionary-minded church. He has visited foreign countries from Africa to China.

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