By Moody Adams
I am not a political commentator. I work to stay out of politics. But the media keeps dragging Jesus Christ into the current campaign and I cannot let this go unchallenged.

Tom Brokaw parroted 'Jesus was community organizer' line when addressing Mayor Rudy Giuliana on “meet the Press. He asked, 'Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.' In retrospect, do you think you had too much sport with his role as community organizer, Mr. Mayor?"

The allusions to Barack Obama's community work being like Christ's are more than true Christians can take.

The two figures are exact opposites. Obama subscribed to the popular philosophy that better institutions (government, schools, etc.) produce better people.

Christ subscribed to the philosophy that better people produce better institutions. He never sought political office. He never led a protest march. He never tried to organize a political party. He never courted favor with the Roman government. He simply sought to change individuals. There are some of us who think He succeeded in this, and thereby was influential in bringing down a government that made half its people slaves.

If Obama was the best man on earth, he not be, nor ever could be Jesus Christ.

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