Man Who Drank Poison to Kill Himself Embraces Christianity After Hearing Gospel 05/09/2017

By Leah Marieann Klett, Bible Wikimedia Commons
A young Peruvian man who attempted to kill himself by self-poisoning embraced Christianity after hearing the Gospel on a radio program - and now works to share that Good News with others.

According to a report from Christian Aid Mission, Dali fell into a deep depression after the woman he had lived with for three years told him she'd found another lover.

Determined to end his own life and convinced that suicide was the only way to overcome the pain, Dali mixed together a deadly concoction and drank it. While catatonic, he flipped through the channels on a radio, and heard someone talking about hope in Jesus Christ.

He listened for some time, and decided to call in.

"I was able to explain to him that the Lord has a plan, a purpose for him," the radio evangelist said. "He received Jesus as his Savior. I began to teach him the Bible, and now the Lord has delivered him from death."

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