by Moody Adams
“As one of Russia's nuclear-powered warships heads toward the Caribbean for military maneuvers with Venezuela, the suddenly resurgent country is raising fears of a future war with the United States” reports Tim Collie in “The seizure of territories in the republic of Georgia last month seems to be only the first stage in a planned projection of military strength around the globe, say military experts.”

The military exercises, which Venezuela President Hugo Chavez announced only two weeks ago, has U.S. officials and others dusting off old Cold War strategies involving threats from Cuba, Mexico and South America that many thought were no longer valid.

“The Georgian war in August was simply the first effort by a resurging Russia to pulse out, expand its security buffer and, ideally, in the Kremlin’s plans, break out of the post-Cold War noose that other powers have tied,” writes Peter Zeihan at, a defense analysis Web site.

Zeihan also says Russia will continue to behave much as the old Soviet Union did. She will work to keep the United States busy in its own backyard, while seeks to expand her territory in Europe. This expansion is predicted in Eze. 38 by the most northern country above Israel in the last days.

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