By Moody Adams
A bookstore owner in Beijing has been re-arrested for publishing Bibles and Christian literature after he had been released in January due to “insufficient evidence.” Shi Weihan, , who ran a Christian bookstore in Beijing, was arrested for the second time on March 19, according to Compass Direct News service.

Weihan, a 37-year-old father of two, was jailed from November 28, 2007 to January 4. . . and has been held without any family visits allowed, according to his wife Zhang Jing. Shi was first arrested on November 28, 2007, and held until January 4. His wife said her husband, who suffers from diabetes looked very bad the last time she saw him. She is not allowed to take food or clothes to her husband.

Alimjan Yimit’s has been jailed for distributing a gospel tract to Muslims and now he is suffering mistreatment in a Muslim-majority prison, local sources told Compass.

Miao Hui Lian said that her imprisoned husband Liu was limping badly and looked very thin. Liu, unable to speak openly, told his wife that he was being “bullied constantly.”

Chinese officials arrested Alimjan Yimit, closed his business and charged him with using the business as a cover for “preaching Christianity. They told his family only that the arrest was a matter of “national security.”

Alimjan, once a Muslim, converted to Christianity more than 10 years ago and became active in the growing Uyghur church.

Alimjan’s arrest followed that of another Uyghur Christian, Osman Imin, on November 19, 2007. Authorities placed Osman in criminal detention and accused him of assisting foreigners in illegal religious activities and revealing state secrets, according to China Aid Association.

"Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution" II Timothy 3:12.

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