by Moody Adams
“Israeli police are investigating photographs showing students burning hundreds of New Testaments,” UPI reported Wednesday. “Uzi Aharon, the deputy mayor of the central Israeli town of Or Yehuda, told Israeli media he has tried to stop the distribution of Christian literature by missionaries. Two weeks ago he got into a loudspeaker car and urged people to turn over hundreds of New Testaments and other ‘Messianic propaganda.’”

The people who rejected their Messiah 2,000 years ago, are still rejecting Him.

The Messianic Jews, who hold Christian and Jewish beliefs, are filing a protest with the government.

Conversion is legal in Israel, but it is frowned upon.

True Christians are persecuted because retalization is forbidden. Destroying a Koran is taken far more seriously because it teaches its disciples to kill those who desecrate it. The Bible teaches its disciples to love and forgive those who desecrate it.

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