By Moody Adams
“On Sunday, BeliefNet reported that the website for Rick Warren's Saddleback Church in Orange County, Cal., contained a warning that unrepentant gays were forbidden from joining the church,” writes bloger Jon Ponder. Warren’s church changed the web site, but still forbids homosexuals from joining the church.

Rick Warren finds himself in a vicious war with homosexuals since he was selected to pray at Obama's inauguration.

What really inflames homosexuals is Warren’s strong statement equating homosexual marriages to incest and pedophilia. This statemet is being spread on YouTube.

In addition to changing his web site, Warren also posed for a picture at an AIDS related thrift store in West Hollywood yesterday with his arm around Erol Sarabi, whose homosexuality makes him a sinner unwelcome to be a member of Warren's church.

Warren repeatedly points out he has homosexual friends whom he loves.

Anthony Look writes: “Self serving political maneuvers probably directed by the Obama camp. Warren supposedly went to a West Hollywood to get some photo ops to further his propaganda. …. Warren is not fooling anyone; he is however apparently running scared."

Warren is absolutely right on his Bible-based opposition to homosexuals joining the church, but this creates real problems as he moves in the political arena.

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