by Moody Adams
'Government wants to eradicate house churches before start of Olympics'

“China has made headlines in its efforts to clean smog from Beijing's Olympic skies, but word is leaking out that the government is also making efforts to clean Christians out of the streets as the games draw near<” reports WorldNetDaily.

"There's been a dramatic rise in cases of persecution that we've seen in the months leading up to the Olympics," a staff writer for China Aid Association, Daniel Burton, told WND. "We've received reports that the government wants to eradicate the house church before the start of the Olympics."

House church members are suffering persecution. One hundred missionaries have been expelled. The trials of Christians are being put off until after the games. Home church leaders are being forced to sign an agreement not to meet until after the Olympics.

Anyone e who illegally distribute “religious publications” is banned from the games.

Christians are being charged with "participation in evil cults" or "disrupting social order."

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