By Moody Adams
"I am not ashamed to have a monkey as an ancestor," declared Senior Pastor Henry Brinton of Fairfax Presbyterian Church in a debate with author, speaker and evangelist Ray Comfort.

More and more Christians are trying to be Christian evolutionist—which is an impossibility.

Ken Ham, creation apologist and founder of the Creation Museum in Louisville, Ky., states, "God tells us that on the same day He made all animals that walk on the earth (the sixth day), He created man separately in His own image with the intent that man would have dominion over every other living thing on Earth (Genesis 1:26-28). From this it is clear that there is no animal that is man's equal, and certainly none his ancestor."

Once you accept evolution you renounce the accuracy of the Bible and you renounce any “absolute” morality. All rules are mere human opinions.

This leaves each individual to decide for them selves what is right or wrong. It leaves Hitler to believe it was right to kill all Jews, a terrorist to believe it is right to kill “infidels,” etc.

Dave Welch quoted Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams, who stated that "A patriot without religion is as great a paradox as an honest man without the fear of God ...," I assert that any so-called Christian and most emphatically any member of the Christian clergy who embraces the deception of Darwinian evolution is no more a Christian than the chimpanzees from which he or she claims to have evolved.

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