by Moody Adams
We started the Bible Skills Institutes in the Sudan immediately after the peace accord was signed between the Muslim North and Christian South. But after three years there has never been agreement on the border between the two. There has been no agreement on the border or administration of Abyei, which supplies around half of the country's 500,000 barrels of oil a day. The Sudan is Chinaís big supplier of oil and China is Northern Sudanís big supplier of weapons.

One thousand North Sudan troops are on their way from Khartoum to the disputed town of Abyei.

U.S. envoy Richard Williamson said Tuesday that his country's talks with Sudan on normalizing relations have been suspended amid unsuccessful efforts to diffuse tensions between Sudanese north and south over Abyei. Williamson told reporters he was leaving "sad" and "disappointed."

This confrontation threatens the dozens of schools we have in the Sudan and to expansion. We have never built buildings and have urged the leaders of our schools to be prepared to bury the equipment or to move it out of the country.

After three years of rebuilding the Southern Sudan where 1.5 million were killed, and the infrastructure destroyed, this is a sad development that calls for prayers across the Christian world.

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