by Moody Adams

“Police officer on the streets, but apparently told not to enforce publicly nudity or indecency rules, during the recent "Up Your Alley" homosexual festival”reports WorldNetDaily.

“Nude men engaged in multiple instances of public sex on a municipal street while police officers, on foot and bicycle, congregated nearby making no attempt to enforce public indecency regulations, according to a report on the latest homosexual-fest in San Francisco. The behavior was documented in photographs of an event called "Up Your Alley," which is sponsored by the same group that organizes the city's fall "gay"-fest, the Folsom Street Fair, on which WND has reported.”

Americans are being brought face to face with what the homosexual movement is all about. They are anarchist who refuse to respect law, publicly flaunting their obsession with unnatural sex. They have successfully pushed their perversion into public schools, the media and now into the streets of our cities.

What is happening in San Francisco is the symptom of a society that no longer has respect for law and order; a society that is totally obsessed with self-indulgencies and any exotic, new thrill.

San Francisco is similar to Pompeii, Italy where the rich Romans flaunted their perversion with public statues and art in the last days of the mighty Roman Empire. Is America doomed to repeat history?

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