by Moody Adams
Blazio, a Director for Bible Skills Institute, has opened work among the pygmies--the little people--in the African Congo.

The pygmies are one of the world’s oldest and most mysterious remaining civilizations. Historians have traced these people back 4,500 years ago, when they were brought to Pharoh’s courts to dance for him.

The mysterious group who lived deep in tropical rainforests has remained the subject of fascination among explorers. In Greek mythology the word describes a tribe of dwarfs, first described by Homer.

There are many theories trying to explain why they are only three to four feet in height. These range from low calcium in the soil to the low ultraviolet light levels being low in the rainforests, resulting in a shortage of vitamin D.

Blazio, a powerful pastor and evangelist had worked to carry the gospel to these people in the rugged mountains between the Congo and Uganda. Establishing churches will give them the gospel and the BSI school will train disciples.

This is a real break through since pygmies are ranked in the top 10 unreached tribes on earth, by missionary organizations.

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