by Moody Adams
The book of ACTS is marked by converts, healings and the defeat of Witchcraft and other false religions. Since we started the Bible Skill Institutes 36 months ago, our students have started 468 new churches, won 22,484 new converts to Christ and turned 3 witchdoctors to Christ. They are reliving the book of Acts, even in some of the most hostile countries like the Sudan and Kenya.

There were 243 souls that were saved in the last two months among them was a military medical staff with a rank of second lieutenant and a non- commission officer, by name John Dook, with the rank of Sergeant Major. These were men that were saved from severe alcoholism as they testified. 24 Bible study shell groups were created in various locations. We also did some discipleship follow up and were able to restore one of our lost brother who had severely backslid one called Joseph Amane

The great thing happened in Tore, 48 miles further out the Maridi road, is the confession of faith of the most prominent native (witchcraft) doctor of Angebi by the name of Mangu Ali. our student brother Barnaba entered in to sharing the gospel with the native doctor for 10 days. This is now a very powerful testimony in the whole area as this doctor was known and feared in the whole of Tore and Angebi

56 year old Akello Betty was enrolled in Kotido BSI in January 2008. “Before receiving Christ, I used to practice witchcraft ,BSI has empowered me with skills to help me reach out to my fellow women who are lost especially the witchdoctors with God’s message, I now know the right Doctrine and I can rightly interpret the scriptures which helps me a lot when I’m evangelizing” Delights Akello.

Through door to door evangelism, Maina Prisca and Deborah, both students in Lugazi BSI, won six souls to Christ on 02nd/03/08 during the Upper Kabowa Church outreach evangelism, reports Pr Ben Kiridde, Administrator, Lugazi BSI.

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