by Moody Adams
Obama indicates at the 2007 "Call to Renewal" conference. that God required Abraham to join him in a crime. He said:
“We all know the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham is ordered by God to offer up his only son, and without argument, he takes Isaac to the mountaintop, binds him to an altar, and raises his knife, prepared to act as God has commanded. Of course, in the end God sends down an angel to intercede at the very last minute, and Abraham passes God's test of devotion.

“But it's fair to say that if any of us leaving this church saw Abraham on a roof of a building raising his knife, we would, at the very least, call the police and expect the Department of Children and Family Services to take Isaac away from Abraham.”

Obama makes it clear that government is a higher authority than God, and therefore we must obey government rather than God. We must act “in accord with those things that we all see… be it common laws or basic reason:”

“We would do so because we do not hear what Abraham hears, do not see what Abraham sees, true as those experiences may be. So the best we can do is act in accordance with those things that we all see, and that we all hear, be it common laws or basic reason.”

To do this makes man’s government the supreme authority to be obeyed rather than God.

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