South Sudan: Refugees Flee From Conflict and Hunger 05/23/2017

Delphine Mugisha, Programme Director, CARE International in Uganda
When I went to meet some of the South Sudanese refugees who have fled into Uganda and are staying in Rhino refugee camp in northern Uganda, I found it was strange that there were hardly any men in these villages.

We took a walk around the compound and also held a meeting with refugees who had been supported by CARE Uganda with hygiene kits, shelter, access to water and sanitation. The large majority were women, elderly women, middle age women, young girls and infants. I wondered where all the men were.

Each woman had a heartbreaking story to tell.

One of them was disabled. She had crossed the border into Uganda with her baby and told me that her husband was murdered in front of them.

Another woman said she decided to flee, but her husband opted to stay behind to keep the familyís property and land. She was in tears as she told her story and said she didnít know whether he would survive the war because they hadnít heard from him since then.

Another woman said she fled with her niece. When they boarded a taxi to the Ugandan border, they were stopped by a group of armed men in uniforms. She explained how the armed men singled out all the men from a specific tribe, forcefully took them out of the taxi and killed them.

This woman said that different tribes were hunting each other, killing men, raping women and girls.

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