By Moody Adams
“Isaac Mananga, 10, and his half sister Chanel, 7, knelt on the dirt floor of the church, staring up at the pastor through scared, confused eyes. Standing before a wooden cross, Pastor Moise Tshombe, in a robe adorned with pictures of Jesus, went into a trance. Claiming to be speaking through the Holy Spirit, he declared, ‘These children are witches.’ Moments later, with Isaac and Chanel by her side, the children's grandmother, Marie Nzenze, said she believed the charges. ‘God has spoken through the mouth of the prophet, she said. ‘God has not lied.,’ writes Dan Harris for USA TODAY.

The United Nations reports a growing number of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being accused of witchcraft and subjected to violent exorcisms by religious leaders. They are beaten, burned, starved and even murdered.

This is one of the reasons we are operating Bible Skills Institutes in Congo and other African countries. Pastors must be trained to stop such heresies in the church.

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