By Moody Adams
Falwell replied to the media stories that he had banned Democrats from the campus: “The University has not banned Democrats from campus. Nor has the Democrat club been banned from meeting. And, never has the University or its officials said that a person cannot be a Christian and a Democrat. Sorry for those who want to run with these titillating soundbites, but these are the facts,” he added.

According to Falwell, whose father founded LU in 1971, Democratic clubs have existed at Liberty University over the last several decades but as unofficial student clubs not endorsed by the school.

Last fall, the College Democrats asked the university to officially recognize their club, which has operated for several decades, for permission to use Liberty University’s name, hold public events on campus, and receive a small financial subsidy that only officially recognized clubs are eligible for.

Liberty asked the club to insert two clauses into their constitution – one stating that they are a pro-life organization and the other that they support the traditional view of marriage.

“Being understanding of Liberty's viewpoints and standards, we complied,” College Democrats secretary Jan Michael Dervish told The Christian Post.

However, Falwell said the club supported candidates that support abortion rights, including President Barack Obama. As a result, Liberty University converted the club’s status back to that of an unrecognized club and said it would remove the club from the school website.

Where the club got in trouble was in endorsing a candidate who is committed pro-abortion and gay marriage. Since the CDs violated the terms under which they could be recognized, LU pulled their official status so that they can't use LU trademarks, etc., in their literature and such, which is well within their rights.

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