By Moody Adams
“A church in Ashland, Ore., can import and brew a hallucinogenic tea for its religious services, under a federal court ruling issued March 19,” reports the Religious News Service. “Judge Owen M. Panner issued a permanent injunction that bars the federal government from penalizing or prohibiting the Church of the Holy Light of the Queen from sacramental use of "Daime" tea.”

I was on the West Coast in the 60’s when the drug revolution started. Now, it has broken through the legal barriers with the legalization of ‘marijuana’ as long as it was for medical reasons and the legalization of dangerous hallucinogenic drugs as long as taken in a church service.

The church’s central ritual is serving tea with DMT, or the chemical dimethyltryptamine.
The church members believe that "only by taking the tea can a church member have direct experience with Jesus Christ."

This is not new. South American medicine women use mesculine from a plant called San Pegdro to enter the heavenly mind through Saint Peters Gate.

A DMT web site reports DMT:
• Is found in a number of plants used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest and the Caribbean
• has a relatively simple chemical structure that is present within the structures of both LSD and psilocybin
• became popular in the 60s as "businessman's LSD" since a typical trip lasts only an hour (onset of effects
within seconds, peaks in 15 minutes, and return to normal within less than an hour)
• got a rep for producing more bad trips than LSD

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation warns of DMT’s three dangers:
1. It causes impaired judgment that often leads to rash decisions and accidents.
2. It can cause extremely frightening trips or flashbacks.
3. It requires larger and larger doses to get the same effect.

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