by Moody Adams
“A new congressional study has found that more than 20 Muslim nations deny entry to American and other foreign religious workers, WND has learned, even as the U.S. State Department grants entry to hundreds of clerics from their countries each year,” reports WorldNetDaily.

“The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and most other Middle Eastern countries still refuse to offer religious visas, they and deny entry to U.S. clergy as official policy, according to a report by the Law Library of Congress, the foreign legal research arm of the U.S. Congress. In a shocker, U.S. allies Afghanistan and Iraq also made the list of religious refuseniks.”

Ironically, Washington routinely issues R-1 religious visas to clerics from the Middle East. Even religious leaders who have been suspects in terrorism, including jihadi hotbeds Saudi Arabia and Egypt are allowed in to the U.S.

This is one more reason the digital Bible training of Bible Skills Institute is vital in today’s world. DVD recordings of lessons can train disciples where missionaries cannot go.

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