By Moody Adams
Does God answer prayers with a lottery winning? Some think He did for New York’s True North Community Church in Port Jefferson Station.

They were having to hold four services in the 210 seat auditorium and were planning a fifth. The pastor announced, "Unless God drops a million on us, we're going to have to rent a facility somewhere," he recalled joking from the pulpit.

Some one told the pastor they were buying a lottery ticket. It won. And the $3 million dollar winnings were donated to the church, after the board spent a week trying to decide what to do with the money.

This story will probably have churches across America praying and buying lottery tickets. It could be the best advertisement lotteries will have since it sanctifies gambling.

It is obvious that the church board had some trouble about accepting the money. They should. Americans are turning to socialism which preaches taking from those who have and give to those who have not. Gambling reverses this taking from the poor to make one person rich. Gambling is stealing. One man says I will let you try to steal my money, if you will let me try to steal yours.

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