Jews Are Returning Home to Israel, Signaling Fulfillment Prophecy 06/06/2017

In recent years, more Jews have returned home to Israel.

More and more Jews that have been scattered all over the world are going home to Israel, indicating that an end-time Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

In April, Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics released the results of a new census just before the country celebrated its independence day. The census revealed that Israel's Jewish population today has risen to about 6.5 million, the Times of Israel reported.

Overall, the country's population is at 8,680,000 and increasing at about 2 percent annually. It is estimated that by 2048, Israel's global population would have grown to 15.2 million.In Genesis 15:5, God told Abraham that his offspring will be as numerous as the stars in the night sky. With modern science estimating the number of nighttime stars that the naked eye can see at about 9,000, this promise has been fulfilled long ago."

In July, the Sanhedrin ruled that the conditions exist to establish that Israel is now in the prophesied third inheritance of the land, the first being by Joshua, the second after the Babylonian exile," Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the re-established, self-declared Sanhedrin, told Breaking Israel News.

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