China: Massive Church Built In City Where Mao Zedong First Embraced Communism 06/06/2017

A 260-feet tall church building is being constructed in Changsha, China, the city where Mao Zedong was introduced to and embraced communist ideologies.

Xingsha Church, inspired by Noah's Ark, looms over Xingsha Ecological Park, where a center for Bible studies is also found together with administrative offices and residential quarters. When finished, the Protestant church will be more than twice the size of Mao's biggest statue in China just a few miles away from the site, according to The New York Times.
A controversy erupted earlier this year when communist supporters were enraged by the building's construction, particularly when the project was being subsidized by the state. The local authorities were quick to address the issue by blocking online news about the church construction and not entertaining calls to the church's headquarters.

Many of his supporters consider the construction of a Protestant church in the place where his political ideologies were formed as an insult. However, many Changsha residents do not appear to care. While they take pride in Mao's historical connection to the region, religion does not seem to be a big deal.

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