Rock the River, a Christian rock and hip-hop concert tour of four cities on the Mississippi opened in Baton Rouge, LA. where 10,998 gathered to watch Christian performers.

It featured evangelist Franklin Graham and musical groups Canton Jones, Superchick, Dennis Agajanian, Da T.R.U.T.H., RED, Hawk Nelson, Mary Mary and Flyleaf.

This is a far distant departure from the old Graham crusades, with six hours of popular rock and roll bands interspersed with a gospel presentations by Rev. Franklin Graham.

Ten thousand 700 attended the million dollar effort on the campus of LSU, which took in $10 a head at the gate.

“God didn’t send Mohammed or Buddha to save us from our sins, he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins, and he loves you,” Graham told the crowd, quoting John 3:16. “God loves you and will forgive you of your sins if you only pray and ask him to.”

The reasoning is that if you get a crowd for the rock and roll performers and tell them about Jesus, it will make converts of many youth. Reports of new baptism and increased attendance in the area churches will give some evidence of how successful this approach is.

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