by Moody Adams
Attention is turning to Lisa Millerís article in Newsweek, "We Are All Hindus Now."

Hindus cremate bodies on a pyre, while the spirit goes to dwell in some other body, an animal or human. Over a third of Americans now choose to be cremated.

A Harris poll shows 24% of Americans believe in reincarnation! They do not believe in the resurrection of the body.

Hindus believe many religions can get you to heaven. Rob Dreher on his BeliefNet Crunchy Con blog states: "If you don't teach doctrine, and why doctrine is important, you shouldn't be surprised when people cease to believe it."

And the final aim of life, the ultimate dream of a Hindu is "moska", the final union of his soul with Brahman, with no more reincarnations, the liberation of the curse of reincarnation. And the main problem of Hinduism, what makes me cry, is that after so many sacrifices, this final union with Brahman is like a drop of water falling into the ocean, there is no more identity of any individual, there is no more "person", it is the nihilism, to become nothingness, unrecognizable by anybody, not even by himself, because there is no more "self", no more consciousness of being... not heaven, not paradise... "nothingness", "to disappear as a person", like a speck in the universe.

The infamous "caste system" is the result of the Hindus doctrine of reincarnation. The Untouchables are the lowest cast, good only to clean dirt and excrement... and without any hope of redemption or betterment because their miserable destiny has been predetermined by a former existence.

If you are born an Untouchable, no other class will even "touch" you; if you are born a shoemaker in India you will die as a shoemaker, no other class will accept you; no hope of improving your life... it is the greatest prejudice and discrimination system of the history of humanity.

Hindus will let there children starve to death with Brahma cattle walking about the street; the cattle might be their grandmothers.

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