by Moody Adams
“Zelaya was detained and spirited out of the country to Costa Rica in a coup that has been widely condemned abroad. But his opponents at home say his removal was actually a transition of power because he defied the Supreme Court by trying to hold a vote on extending presidential term limits beyond a single four-year term. Magistrates had ruled the vote illegal and the military had refused to back it,” reports Reuters.

Former President Manuel Zelaya was a radical socialist and a friend of Castro. He was taken out of the country the night before he called for an illegal election to change the constitution and stay in power.

Enrique Ortez, a French-educated lawyer appointed as foreign minister in an administration set up after the coup, told Reuters that Zelaya would be arrested if he came home even if he tries to arrive with a mission of presidents and the Organization of American States. It appears that the U.S. President supports Zelaya.

The Washington-based OAS has given Honduras a 72-hour ultimatum to allow Zelaya back into office by this weekend or be put out of the Organization of American States.

"As long as we are here there is no chance at all, not the remotest chance, that a government that ignored judicial order can return," Ortez said.

"We are not going to negotiate our national sovereignty or the presidency," he said.

We started our Bible Skills Institutes in this country two years ago and they are flourishing through out Latin America. The radically socialism that was creeping in has concerned us greatly.

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