By Moody Adams
“The woman commissioned by the Democratic Party to direct its presidential nominating convention in two weeks espouses the same black liberation theology pursued by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose church presumptive nominee Barack Obama was forced to leave because of its controversies” writes Leah Daughtry in WorldNetDaily.

Judi McLeod, a former Toronto Sun columnist, said Leah Daughtry will be "Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a skirt" as she leads the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

"While the media hounded Wright for his anti-American rants and while presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Hussein Obama divorced him as his personal pastor, Obama's head will be crowned by Leah Daughtry, who ardently believes in the same Marxist 'Black Liberation Theology' preached by Wright," McLeod wrote on Canada Free Press.

"At the basis of black liberation theology is the understanding that God has a special place in His heart for those at the bottom of the ladder," said Daughtry. It also portrays the “white man” as the Devil and earthly prosperity as its heaven.

Jesus was a homeless man who said we would have the poor with us always in this world. He taught us to seek first the riches of heaven’s kingdom.

If the Democratic Convention chief succeeds and repatriations have to be paid, I will be thrilled because my great-great grandfathers were slaves of the Romans and I am going to demand money from Italy for repatriations.

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