Unwed Parents are Six Times More Likely to Split by Time Child is Five 06/06/2017

Moody Adams
Young people, who are shacking up, instead of marrying, have to face some startling facts.

Researchers from the Cambridge-based think-tank did a study of more than 14,000 households and 22,265 adults.

“Among parents who were living together when their first child was born, 37 per cent separated by the time the child reached five. For couples who were married at their child's birth, the figure was 6 percent.

“By the time the child was 16, 16 per cent of married couples had separated compared to 66 per cent of cohabiting couples – a four-fold difference.

“Children from broken homes are nine times more likely to commit a crime,” according to Ian Duncan Smith.

Is it going to be worth the fun of sex without any commitment when your lover walks out on you?

And is it going to be worth the fun of sex when you get a call from the police station that your darling child has been arrested?

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