by Moody Adams

Like the early apostles, Ponzi schemers scammed the Jews first [Madoff] and the latest, Allen Stanford, turned to the Gentiles.

Members of the Jewish synagogue in West Palm Beach lost million in the Madoff Ponzi scheme. Stanford cleaned out members of a large Christian church here in Baton Rouge.

Stanford, who is accused of swindling investors in a $7 billion Ponzi scheme, remains jailed until trial.

“R. Allen Stanford’s relationship with the chief regulator of his Antigua bank [James Davis] was closer than most, writes the New York Times. “At a meeting in 2003, they became blood brothers, cutting their wrists and mixing their blood in a ‘brotherhood ceremony’ that Mr. Stanford’s chief financial officer said promoted an elaborate scheme to hide a multibillion-dollar fraud from American and other regulators,” the New York Times’s Clifford Krauss writes.

The oath did not hold up well. Davis pled guilty and squealed. From behind bars, Stanford blamed it all on Davis.

Proverbs 29:24 “Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul.” Thieves are dishonest. To put your trust in one is to hate your own soul. Mr. Stanford and Mr. Davis, you should have listened.

All people should beware of trusting financial investors just because they seem to be good member of their religion.

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