by David Kaya
(Report from David Kaya, BSI Director in the Sudan)
Praise the Lord for the word which Bible Skills Institute is doing here in Kajo-Keji. The Student of pastor Dima caught a vision of planting churches. This happen when they attended the lesson on mission and evangelism. They went to six locations with the partnership of church planting we were able to plant the six churches in other home areas of the students of Dima. There are many people how came to see the Lord.

One of the man who lived without a family for six year gave himself to the Lord, immediately last Saturday they were reunited in their Marriage. There was a big celebration in the house of the man. All the children came and hugged their father in full forgiveness.

Praise the Lord. I have been planting churches in 9 difference locations. I was caught out for 15 days in the preparation for the church planting. Glory be to the Lord that in the six church which were planted Dima's (a BSI teacher) students are the one pastoring those church.

The work here in Sudan is growing so much. We are pushing so much for the churches to grow and disciple others quickly so that we can plant more church.

There is starvation in Sudan and northern Uganda, let us pray.

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