by Moody Adams
Ray Comfort is effectively attacking atheists:
"All you have to do," Comfort told WND, "is push them into a corner and say, 'So, you're an atheist?' 'Yep.' 'So you believe that nothing created everything, a scientific impossibility?' And they'll say, 'Well, no.' 'So you believe something created everything?' And they say, 'Well, yeah. Something did, obviously.' 'So you're not an atheist?' 'OK, I'm not an atheist.'

Richard Dawkins, the top atheist, said, “[Ray Comfort] is an ignorant fool.”
Comfort as offered $20,000 to Dawkins if he would debate him on BBC radio. The British scientist has not taken the offer.

Comfort says, "So many young people are being convinced that atheism is right, that evolution is right, there's no god, there are no moral absolutes. Who cares if you marry a dog? What's the big deal? And that's what atheism believes, too.”

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