by Moody Adams
Tiger Woods is the victim of a minor car wreck and a major bit of gossip. Perhaps his medical report will determine which.

“The Florida Highway Patrol is reportedly in the process of trying to obtain a search warrant for Tiger Woods' medical records after his stay in a hospital following his early-morning, single-car accident on Friday. reported on Monday that the FHP went to the hospital where Woods was taken Friday morning. According to that report on, the FHP wants the records to determine if Woods' injuries were consistent with a car crash or domestic violence” Windermere, FL (Sports Network).

The police report says Woods had a minor accident when his car hit a fire hydrant coming out of his drive way. That is it.

The celebrity gossip mills are loudly declaring Wood’s wife inflicted the damage to his face because of printed reports he was having an affair.

Woods issued a statement, in which he said, “This situation is my fault, and it's obviously embarrassing to my family and me. I'm human and I'm not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn't happen again.” The world’s best golfer and the man USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan called "probably the most disciplined athlete on the planet in terms of his image.") is still a human being.

We sometimes forget our celebrities are human beings. They are not perfect. Being able to control a golf club doesn’t mean you are able to always control your car or your passions. This is why even the greatest athletes desperately need the power of God to control themselves in times of temptation.

Christians should pray for Tiger and resist their temptation to gossip. Gossipers often have the goal of building themselves up by making others look bad and exalting themselves as some shinning example of perfection.” The Bible puts “gossip" in the category with many of the worst of evils: “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips” (Romans 1:29).

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