by Moody Adams
“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said today that there is no indication that a self-proclaimed Al Qaeda suicide bomber who allegedly tried to blow up a plane over Detroit on Christmas was part of a broader international effort to attack U.S. targets,’ reports the Los Angeles Times.

This is the reason America will never win the war with terrorist if she continues to deny evidence right before her eyes. The suicide bombers are all part of an international conspiracy.

Islamic terrorist attacks are linked by the real villain—the Koran. This is the book that convinces terrorists to kill infidels and promises them Paradise for doing it. It is not just Iraqi, Afghanistan, or Al Qaeda. They have to use the teachings of their holy book, the Koran.

Throughout the Cold War, we were hated by the Communists. But they did not run around strapped with explosives and blow themselves up? They were atheists. They believed death would be the end of their existence. But not the Muslims. They believe atheir infallible Koran’s promises they will be gathered “unto God: ”And if ye shall be slain or die on the path of God, then pardon from God and mercy is better than all your amassings; For if ye die or be slain, verily unto God shall ye be gathered. (Koran 3:157).

"Let those then fight on the path of God, who barter this present life for that which is to come; for whoever fighteth on God’s path, whether he be slain or conquer, we will in the end give him a great reward" (Koran 4:74).

If you kill, or are killed, fighting for Allah, he rewards you with a pardon and mercy,

All Muslim terrorist are trained with the same book—the Koran. All Muslim terrorist believe Allah has commanded them to kill the infidels. All Muslim terrorist hold the same hope of eternal Paradise.

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