by Moody Adams
Sen. John Rockefeller, introduced the Pre-existing Condition Patient Protection Act, which would eliminate pre-existing condition exclusions in all insurance markets.

This is taking a page from the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory. It is to take care of people who have died with the pre-existing condition of godlessness. The church offers to contribute the good works of priests and nuns to their account. The family has to pay a fee, but it is better than a life in hell.

Economist Walter Williams suggests, ďA person might save quite a bit of money on fire insurance. He could wait until his home is ablaze and then walk into Nationwide and say, "Sell me a fire insurance policy so I can have my house repaired." The Nationwide salesman says, "That's lunacy!" But the person replies, "Congress says you cannot deny me insurance because of a pre-existing condition."

Of course there is no way insurance companies can stay in business like this, but the government can borrow the necessary funds to afford it.

It is sad, but our choices have consequences. The church and the government may try to eliminate them, but in the end the price has to be paid.

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