The book The Multi-Site Church Revolution has only been out for 3 years, but it is proven prophetic. Almost one in ten Protestant worshippers attend a multi-site church in the United States or Canada. Multi-site churches have increased from 300 in the year 2000, to 3,000 multi-sites today.
by Moody Adams
Geoff Surratt, who serves as pastor of Ministries at Seacoast Church in South Carolina, Greg Ligon, vice president of Church Innovations at Leadership Network and Warren Bird, research director at Leadership, co-wrote the “A Multi-Site Church Road Trip”. The three visited dozens of innovative multi-site churches across the nation to document how the movement has grown over the past several years.

"We've visited enough churches of all sizes, and heard accounts of still more, to affirm with confidence that a healthy church with regular attendance (not membership) of two hundred or more can often become multi-site with an outcome that greatly increases the number and quality of disciples it makes," they state in A Multi-Site Church Road Trip.

The book shows how churches running 200 can start another campus; it doesn’t require a mega church of 5,000.
Bird doesn’t agree with critics who say video teaching replaces the personal relationship between preacher and local congregation.

“Looking into the future of the multi-site movement, the authors predict: international campuses will help transform approaches to missions; some multi-site churches will go double-digit even triple-digit in their number of campuses; Internet campuses will be accepted as legitimate; and a few multi-site churches (those that use centralized teaching) will become mini-denominations.”

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