by Moody Adams
A cab driver who spent Christmas Eve driving miles to find an elderly woman who left $21,000 and jewelry in his taxi has refused any reward. Felicia Lettieri, 72, an Italian tourist was in New York to visit relatives and left her purse in the taxi outside Penn Station.

Police “told Ms Lettieri not to get her hopes up that she would be reunited with her money, which was the travelling fund for her and six relatives, as well as passports and jewelry,” reported Sky News.

The cab sriver, a pre-medical student, told the New York Post: "When I was five years old, my mother told me, 'Be honest, work hard and you will raise your station.'"

The Bizz web site alluded to Jesus teachings saying the cab driver went the “extra mile. “The resourceful driver found an address in the purse, traveled there, and left a note: ‘Don't worry, Felicia, I'll keep it safe,’ along with his number when he found nobody home. Once the call came, the money was returned, and a reward refused. Talk about going the extra mile.”

Mr Asaduzzaman, 28, the Pakistani driver, refused to take a reward when it was offered. He explained that his mother taight him to always be honest when he was a child.

The same day I read this story on google, there were a half dozen news stories about men stealing purses. Sad!

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