THE WINNERíS HOME 01/06/2009

by Moody Adams
Jesus Christ, the ultimate Winner, can actually make your body His home. This is what He died for. There were many things that happened when Jesus Christ hung between heaven and earth on Golgotha. One of the most significant things was that while He was dying the earth shook and the curtain in the temple rent in two. That curtain separated the people that came to worship from the holy of holies. Only the high priest was allowed behind the curtain. Once a year he tied a rope around his foot and cautiously entered into the dwelling place of God. The rope was to enable the people to pull him out if he died behind the curtain. It was the only way, since they were excluded.
When Christ died on the cross, there was an earthquake and the temple curtain was split from top to bottom. God moved out of His old house, the templeís holy of holies. Fifty days later, on the day of Pentecost, He moved into His new home, the bodies of believers. The partition between sinful men and a holy God has been removed by the atonement Jesus made.
Since that day God can enter the bodies of all who have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. You can now have a golden treasure in your earthen vessel.

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