by Moody Adams
I have just gotten back from Africa and am much encouraged to see the actual results tkaing place.

The highlight of the trip was attending the church of a very primitive tribe of pigmies by the Congo border which was started by one of our Bible Skills Institute workers. He made friends with their King, Nzito Georfrey, and got a church started among 120 of these little people. They have traditionally been nomads traveling through the jungle and shooting animals with their little bow and arrows. These have moved out of the jungle, where we have reached them.

This area, near the Congo border, is in what the SBC foreign mission board classifies as an “unreached peoples group.” Among these previously unreached people, we have two churches and a BSI school in Bundibugyo .

In the Sudan our work is exploding as refugees from the war are coming home. The city of Yei, Sudan has grown from 100,000 when we began our ministry there to over 400,000. I was most encouraged to visit churches our BSI graduates have started without any outside help; made from sticks, vines, mud walls and thatched roofs.

On my last day in Uganda I met with two of our BSI schools running over 35 in attendance and with two churches our graduates have started. One of these had 5 Muslim converts.

I carried equipment for 50 schools to Africa. This new equipment to easily carry on a bicycle and let our school administrators hold two schools a week, instead of just one. This can one day double the 172 schools we now have. A BSI worker in Africa, noting how fast our Bible Skills Institutes are spreading, said, “We couldn’t stop these schools from spreading if we tried.”

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