By Moody Adams
Modern society is having a hard time trying to understand evil, most recently Amy Bishop shooting three fellow faculty members to death.

Education does not contain evil. She was a Harvard educated biology professor but she shot six faculty members and killed three.

Culture does not contain evil. Amy Bishop she lived in the world of academic culture.

Liberalism does not contain evil. Bishop was no gun toting right wing extremist. On the contrary she was a far-left political extremist who was "obsessed" with President Obama.

Prosperity does not end evil. She and her husband lived an above average life style yet she killed.

Mental health does not prevent evil. This professor and mother of four - had ever been diagnosed, treated or on medication for mental illness, her husband James Anderson said emphatically, “No, never.”

Looking to the Bible for an explanation, we read that man is born a self-center creature who must be “born again” by the Spirit of God. Other wise we remain the self-centered creature Amy Bishop was. She was charged with assault and battery for a March 2002 incident, in which she cursed and a mother whose child got the last booster seat at the Peabody International House of Pancakes, according to a Peabody police report. When she was told she couldn't have tenure she went to shooting.

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