by Moody Adams
“According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, the southern hemisphere is taking the lead in growth figures for worshipers” writes Kenneth Chan. “Africa is leading the charge with 390 million Christians, more than three times than 35 years ago.”

It is estimated that African Christians will grow by 200 million by 2025, while Europe’s Christians will shrink by 17 million. Already Africa is sending some missionaries to Europe to re-evangelize that continent.

Our Bible Skills Institutes are playing an important roll in the African growth. Since starting the BSI work 3 years ago our students have won 33,982 converts started 699 new churches, and trained over 3,000 leaders!

As Christian growth explodes the great need is for trained leaders. It is impossible to provide enough foreign teachers and build enough buildings to do this in the old fashion way. So we are using solar powered digital technology to provide two years of accredited training locally. And it is working faster, cheaper, and more effectively than any other approach.

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