by Moody Adams
“He’s been riding competitive long-distance events in the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games for the past dozen years and has numerous bronze, silver and gold medals to prove his mettle,” reports Mark H. Hunter in The Advocate.

Herbert Fealing says, “People ask me ‘how do you stay in shape?’ and I tell them, ‘there is truth to the saying use it or lose it,’”

His secret? “Many years ago I met a lady who was 102 years old and I asked her what her secret was. She said ‘I trust in the Lord and I stay active.’ That’s enough for me! That’s how I stay motivated.”

“God is my coach,” he said. “I just ride. I ride races up to 28 miles.”

Fealing’s experienced a miracle in his own life that has strengthened his faith.

As a teenager working in an ice plant, his left hand was caught in the whirling blades of an ice crusher.

The doctors said amputate the hand, but Fealing said the Lord said “keep it.” He did and he not only kept it, but regained some use of it.

Back in the days before refrigeration, Fealing was a teenager working for an ice delivery service in Lutcher. A chunk of ice jammed in the truck’s crusher and when he pushed it loose his left hand slipped into the whirling blades.

“They put a tourniquet on my arm and took me to Charity Hospital in New Orleans where the doctors wanted to amputate it,” he said, as the memory visibly saddens him. “I prayed about it and the Lord said to "keep it. It’s amazing how God works. It’s a miracle.”

He retired from Baton Rouge’s Advocate newspaper in 1985 after working in the maintenance department for 27 years.

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