"When Life Tumbles In" 08/19/2009

by Bobby Britt
(Bobby Britt has been a friend for near 50 years. He has been a faithful evangelist and pastor throughout his life. For years he has suffered with eye trouble, loosing sight in one, and trouble with the other. He has had a liver tranplant and now has cancer. Along with his troubles, his wife has cancer. Bobby's life is an encouraging example of God grace when everything goes wrong. I wanted you to get to know him by reacing his last letter. Also his book, "Wen Life Tumbles In" will help you in any crisis you may face.)

Have waited to contact you until we had Carolyn's latest report from her Cscan. We saw her oncologist with some reservation yesterday. He called Monday to tell her he wanted to see her and she did not have a scheduled appointment. I was concerned that her test revealed some problem and he wanted to see us face to face, but bless the Lord the scan revealed no 'hot spots' and he give her the all clear diagnosis. In my fear, I could see us both laid up in the hospital fighting cancer, but as usual, worry is worthless.

I have an appointment at UAB hospital on the 27th for a determination as to the next step for me. They will do another Cscan and I am praying that they will not even be able to see a tumor.

Thank you again for the concern and prayer, the phone calls, cards and letters of great encouragement. The services at Central Baptist were great last Sunday. I have never preached with such liberty and the Lord blessed in the book signing. If you would like to receive one of the books, "When Life Tumbles In", messages from James 1:1-12 along with a testimony about the kidney transplant, let me know.

Yours in Him,

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