By Moody Adams
Ten years ago Donald “Carolina” Biermann was part of “Angola (prison) at its worst,” Louisiana State Penitentiary Warden Burl Cain said. He had been imprisoned in three states and was in Angola for manslaughter. He decided he would never be paroled.

“That hate still stays inside of you and manifests itself in everything you do,” he said. “At the very moment I met Christ, it was on my mind that weekend to hurt somebody seriously. That’s how full of that rage I was, not because of anything they did to me.”

“The only two emotions I knew up until I met Jesus was hate and indifference. There was no middle ground.”

“Nine years ago, Biermann put his faith in Jesus Christ, and began to cry. And cry, writes George Morris. “And cry for two weeks. He said it was the first time he’d cried since he was 7 years old.”

“Even the nonbelievers said, ‘God has got him,’ ” he said. “I fought with God because I didn’t believe in him, but I couldn’t deny what was happening inside of me. I didn’t have that hate anymore. I couldn’t hate. I started looking at people as human beings for the first time in my life. They weren’t objects of my hate. They weren’t potential victims.”

Biermann completed a seminary course and volunteered to accept a transfer to Forcht-Wade, which had far less in the way of spiritual programs than Angola. There he started Bible training courses.

“I’ll go anywhere … they feel that I will be useful,” said the inmate missionary. “For me, it’s just another opportunity.”

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