30,000 PRAY IN NYC'S TIMES SQUARE 09/23/2009

by Moody Adams
"Around 30,000 people representing over 300 churches and 65 youth organizations gathered Sunday for an hour of prayer in New York City’s Times Square" says Joshua A. Goldberg of the Christian Post. "On the day that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed to be “Prayer in the Square Day,” the thousands who gathered for “Prayer in the Square” prayed for the nation in three-minute intervals with songs performed by a 180-voice gospel choir between each prayer segment."

Mayor Bloomberg said, “In all our diversity, New Yorkers share an appreciation for the power of faith. After all, our city was built by people who came here in order to worship God freely.”

The Times Square Church, hosted the meeting for the third year with all denominations represented and no personalities showcased.

Similar meeting were held around the world.

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