by Moody Adams
We have just completed our Bible skills Institute move into the world’s second largest country—India. We entered the country with a “medical team” that treated 3,318 patients in 3 cities. This required traveling two nights on trains to reach the cities in 5 days.

After the day long medical camps, I reached in evangelistic services. We recorded 1,529 decisions for Christ on the trip. There were many others making decisions we did not get recorded due to the huge crowds.

I secured a wonderful leader who will serve as our BSI Director in India. He is thoroughly educated and experienced minister who lives in northern India near Tibet. He speaks four languages and has started nine churches in India. He will translate our courses he Hindi language which is spoken by 500 million people! Seven schools are set up.

The need is India is so great. While the constitution is secular, there is severe persecution of non-Hindu religions, namely Christians and Muslims. At the same time, Muslims persecution of Christians is severe. Hindus are are employing different techniques such as converting minority identities into Hindu mainstream, killing minorities and damaging their properties and trying to throw all minorities (namely Christians and Muslims) out of India.

I preached in Mumbai (Bombay), the largest city in India. It has no evangelical seminary and only two tiny Bible schools.

I was deeply moved by the dedication of the small Christian minority in this land. I got to know one man who watched his Muslim father murder his mother and also had a son killed by Muslims because he converted to Christianity. It requires great sacrifice to be a Christian in India.

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