by Moody Adams
Willert Delgone, a worker with our Bible Skills Institues, writes from Africa, “On 20th March 2010 Pastor Joshua gave a testimony of a Moslem witch who gave his life to the Lord. This man confessed that he has caused many marriages to break, he has slept with countless women always claiming that his witchcraft would work when he sleeps with them. He confessed he has AIDS and wondered whether the Lord will be able to forgive him. The Pastor used the knowledge he had received through BSI courses on personal soul winning to lead this man to the Lord and assured him that the Lord has forgiven him and he is giving him a new future and destiny to live for Him.”

Busuulwa Ronnie, a BSI Director, reports, “On 10th April 2010, the BSI schools in Mulatsi and Kamonkoli were officially launched and Pastor Bright Wamala and Pastor David Happy became the Administrators of these schools. One has 20 students and another has 25 students. The students were extremely happy to see what Moody promised them come to pass. They confessed they had failed to join a Bible or a theological school because of money and with this new school they promised to do their best to get the skills for their ministries. I visited Mulatsi on 17th April 2010 and the students were very happy with their new equipments and last Saturday I went to Kamonkoli and these were more than happy with the course and they finally prayed for Moody Adams to live for more years.”

To date, BSI students have started 1,046 new churches and won 32,306 to Christ.

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