by Moody Adams
“A Southern Baptist panel released on Monday the final draft of a report that is expected to set the nation's largest Protestant denomination on a new course,” writes Lillian Kwon, a Christian Post Reporter. “With the denomination in decline, the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force is challenging the Southern Baptist Convention to adopt a new compelling vision for the sake of its future and the billions of lost people in the world. … Delegates of the 16 million-member convention will consider the report and a set of recommendations made by the task force in June. The upcoming vote is viewed as a significant one that could steer the denomination toward radical change.

"What are we voting on? The future of the Southern Baptist Convention, whether or not the Great Commission really matters, whether the Southern Baptist Convention is willing to have a climate for change," said Dr. Ronnie Floyd, chairman of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, in a recent panel discussion at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

The charge came as membership in the SBC began to dip in recent years, the number of baptisms has continued to fall, many churches are giving directly to missionaries, and missions giving has declined in the SBC.
It is good that the denomination realizes it has been on the wrong course and hopefully they will find a better one.

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