by Moody Adams
As Greece spirals out of control, it foreshadows what is coming for a debt laden world—and for America.
Thousands of protestors walked off their jobs to demand the government abandon cuts in their salaries and benefits. They burned down a bank, killing three people.

Greece had to have about $73 billion to combat its bloated budget deficit and had asked for financial assistance from other countries. Due to concerns that the nation defaulting, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded its debt to “junk” level.

Several other countries are heading for a debt crisis, as is the U.S. They keep borrowing all the money they can get their hands on to keep the people happy with their entitlements. Greece is shouting loud and clear, “Living on borrowing money will not work forever!”

As for America, here she is guaranteeing Greece debt and helping them with many billions of dollars, when she is hopelessly deep in debt herself.

But the nations of the world keep “kicking the can father down the road.” Loaning money to Greece will not solve the problem. It only postpones it.

Politicians stay in power by giving the people everything they want. So, if they do not have enough money they borrow it to keep the citizens happy. This can go on as long as there is money to borrow. For Greece, the time came when they could not borrow enough, so America and other nations have sent a trillion dollars to keep the nation afloat a little longer.

The time is drawing near when America can no longer borrow the money needed.

If we took all the money in banks, businesses and people’s pockets, there would not be enough to pay off the U.S. national debt. We sent money to bail out Greece, who will have the tens of trillions to bail out America?

So what is our hope? There is only one. Before the apocalypse Jesus will catch up the saved. Our hope is in heaven.

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