By Moody Adams
"I'm very pleased ... because it's time for me to tell it all," Hinn told ABC's Dan Harris in an interview that aired Monday night. "I don't want people talking for me. I want to talk for myself."

For years, Hinn has been a subject of scrutiny by the media and recently the government for the miraculous healings he claims to do and the lavish lifestyle he leads,Ē Audrey Barrick Christian post reporter reports. .

Hinnís news letter says that teens were healed of leukemia, lung cancer and partial deafness in his New York crusade last month..

"There were so many miracles of healing that people were lined along the sides of the auditorium from the front to the back waiting to come to the platform to testify of Godís healing touch!" his news letter says.

He admitted to ABC that he does not have medical verification of the claimed healings, and admits some who testify to being healed were not.

Hinn and his ministry are under a Senate investigation for possible financial misconduct. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is trying to determine whether the ministries are improperly using their tax-exempt status to live expensive, extravagant lifestyles.

ABC, Hinn's ministry collects an estimated $100 million a year. Hinn only admits his salary is "over a half-million."

Covetousness is rampant even in the world of the poor, homeless man, Jesus Christ.

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