by Moody Adams
Georgia is leading the pack of U.S. States in outlawing the new drug called K2, a synthetic marijuana.

The drug, legal to now, is known as “fake weed, “Spice,” Genie,” or “Zohai.’ It is usually marketed as a spice or an incense, and is easily accessible online, in convenience stores, spiritual and herbal shops. It can cost as much as $35 per ounce.

"Clemson University organic chemist John W. Huffman created the K2 compound in the mid-1990s to mimic the effects of cannabis on the brain." reports the Examiner.com. "Side effects of the drug include rapid heart rate, very high blood pressure, hallucinations, seizures, vomiting and paranoia. K2 attacks cardiovascular and central nervous systems. It is used mostly by young people who are hoping for a marijuana-like high. However, researches claim the drug does the exact opposite and causes sever agitation instead of the mellow effect of marijuana."

The drug has some serious effects on its users. "At first we had about a dozen cases, but then it really blossomed. By the first week of April, we had 40 cases," said director of the Missouri Poison Center in St. Louis and a toxicologist at Saint Louis University, Dr. Anthony Scalzo. "Missouri remains the epicenter, but it's spreading out." Scalzo said that nationwide, there have been 352 reported cases of K2 poisoning in 35 states."

In drug friendly Europe, K2 has been outlawed for a while now.

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