By Jonathan Peled
Israel is not at strife with the people of Gaza and goes to great lengths to organize the transfer of some 15,000 tons of humanitarian aid each week. If the organizers of this inciting flotilla were really interested in the Gazans' well-being, they would have accepted Israel's offers to transfer the humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. Despite its soldiers sustaining gunshot and stab wounds and other injuries, Israel has already begun transferring the ships' humanitarian contents to Gaza as originally offered.

The decision to test Egypt and Israel's blockade on Hamas-controlled Gaza and await Israeli soldiers with knives, iron bars and axes exposed the true intentions of these extremists: a bloody PR stunt. The blockade on Gaza is a legitimate maritime measure to prevent the Hamas terrorist regime from smuggling in weapons, which it has done in the past.
Hamas not only calls for the destruction of Israel and works hard to achieve it, but also deprives its own population of basic human rights and freedoms. Where are these "peace activists" when Hamas indiscriminately fires rockets at major Israeli civilian population centers? Why don't these activists protest Hamas' imprisonment, torture and murder of political Palestinian opponents? Why don't their voices strain when the rights of women, gays and minorities are constantly abused in the Gaza Strip? When Israel fully withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the Gazans were given full control. There was no blockade, and there were no restrictions. Continuous missiles and terrorist attacks from Gaza forced Israel to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of its citizens.

The Palestinian people know that there is an alternative. Instead of focusing on terror and violence, the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank has opted to pursue dialogue and negotiation with Israel. The Palestinian Authority's people enjoy economic growth and freedom, and serve as a stark contrast to Hamas' suppressed subjects in Gaza. Without compromising its security, Israel remains committed to its continuous quest for peace.

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