by Moody Adams
“The children's network Nickelodeon is now offering a selection of naughty games that allow players to look up teachers' skirts and perform a variety of sexual acts – prominently linking to the sexy games from its popular websites for young kids,” writes Chelsea Schilling of WorldNetDaily.

The Nickelodeon website features sexual games such as "Naughty Babysitter," "Booty Rider" and "You da Sperm!"
Nickelodeon also links to a host of rauchy websites including, AddictingGames, a website owned by Nickelodeon parent company Viacom, which has approximately 34 million monthly users.

AddictingGames' "Naughty Classroom" allows children to look under a teacher's skirt and inside her
Another game, "Naughty Gym Teacher," asks, "Why should boys have all the fun? The giggly schoolgirls cannot get enough of their hot male gym instructor, and they will resort to the naughtiest tricks to get what they want."

"Naughty Babysitter" allows a boy character to shoot ice cubes down his babysitter's blouse. The babysitter gets physical with her boyfriend on the sofa and even kisses the boy she is babysitting.

"Nickelodeon's cynical disregard of pleas from parents is troubling," said Dr. Diane Levin, professor at Wheelock College and co-author of "So Sexy So Soon." "It seems that keeping children's eyes glued to advertiser-supported screens by providing edgy content is much more important to Nick than honoring parents' trust."

"With widespread concern over teachers sexually abusing children, it's bizarre that Nickelodeon would partner with a website that seemingly endorses that type of behavior," Newsbusters writer Alana Goodman wrote. "Also troubling are the lessons that some of the video games seem to teach children – namely, that it's acceptable to sexually harass women."

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