by Moody Adams
A leading Russian daily has come up with another option-nuke the spill. reports “oilprice.net. “ Though it sounds more like fiction and somewhat outlandish, the fact is that Soviet Russia had used controlled nuclear explosions to contain oil spills, on at least five different occasions. The science is to drill a hole near the leak, set off the explosion and then seal off the leak … The first underground nuclear explosion was done in Urt-Bulak in 1966 to control burning gas wells.

This report draws a parallel between nuking the oil leak and using Chemotherapy on a cancer patient. Chemo, the best known way to kill cancerous cells, nearly kills the patient. Likewise, underwater nukes make a drastic impact on the environment, but have the best success rate of stopping oil leaks. It has only failed once in five attempts.

Environmentalists oppose this procedure, but the renowned biologist, Commandant Cousteau, “led numerous dives following French underwater nuclear explosions in the Mururoa atoll and noted very little impact on sea life. “

Of course, public opinion is against usage of nukes, because the public does not know how safe and effective it is.

Nuking the leak would save thousands of miles of shoreline and millions of sea animals and it could happen quickly.

Politically, it could cost the administration votes.

Economically, it could cost BP millions and the government taxes, by loosing the oil they hope to continue pumping.

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