by Moody Adams
The Islmic Tehran Times claims "ex-Muslim preacher exposed as fake," on front page coverage."Caner has come under fire for suspicious claims he has made about his Muslim past. A prominent Christian preacher that reportedly converted to Christianity from Islam has come under fire for making suspicious claims about his Muslim past."

Ergun Caner apparently made a couple of incorrect statments about his early life that resulted in Liberty putting him out as presdient of the seminary. He will remain as a professor. But Caner was absolutely, 100 percet on target about Islam.

Muslims are some people to be talking about Caner. In a worse possible scanerio, the man lied. But, the Islamic religion endorses and encourages lying.

The Koran, which every Muslim believes is infallible, says in 24:11 Of a truth, they who advanced that lie were a large number of you; but regard it not as an evil to you. No, it is an advantage to you."

So it is no evil to lie when it advances your cause. If Caner's statements rose to the level of lying, by Muslim morality it is absolutely O.K.

The big fake is the Islamic religion claiming the absurd Koran was written by their god, Allah. For Ergun Caner to have the guts to expose it we commend him. There are no perfect men, but thank God for the imperfect men who love Jesus and oppose false religions.

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