by Moody Adams
Bitakatahire Blazio, our BSI Director in the Congo and Western Uganda reports on a most unusual conversion. He writes that, "John and students of BSI preached to a Muslim witch doctor. The response was not what they hoped for. He terrified them by putting a curse on them and said they would be dead in seven days. Like Elijah battling the prophets of Baal, The witch doctor prayed to Allah for their deaths and they prayed in Jesus name for his conversion. In seven days the students were still alive. However, the witch doctor’s son died on the third day. He called the students to come and when they did he gave his life to Christ." These men have tremendous influence in Africa. When one is converted it influences many others to follow his example.

Willet Delgone, the BSI Administrator in Kampala, sends this report from the city where the terrorist killed the crowd watching the World Cup. “Administrator, Mbale BSI Our BSI classes had a joint evangelism mission from 26th -28th May 2010 in Kangalaba, Mbale Uganda supporting the Church of one of our student Pastor Simon Kalyebi who had a church but it was stagnant. On this mission 214 people came to the Lord and we left the Pastor to follow them up and bring them to Church. He rang me recently that about 50 of those that got saved are stabilizing in the Church."

The Bible Skills Institute work in Africa alone reports 2,161 receiving Christ and 19 new churches started in May and June. In August, our Director Ronald is meeting with leaders in three West Africa countries about expanding the work.
This could lead to schools in 16 countries.

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