by Moody Adams
"It is no light matter to meet God after having denied Him all one’s life," Holly Ordway writes in her book. "Coming to Him was only the beginning. I can point to a day and time and place of my conversion, and yet since then I have come to understand that He calls me to a fresh conversion every day."

A professor of English and literature at a San Diego-area college, Ordway had never said a prayer. She had never been to a church. Then, at 31, she realized that her atheistic philosophy could not answer her questions about creation and morality.

"On the other hand, the theistic worldview was both consistent and powerfully explanatory: it offered a convincing, rationally consistent, and logical explanation for everything that the naturalistic worldview explained plus all the things that the naturalistic worldview couldn’t," she says.

Though she knew next to nothing about Christianity, she began to mock Christians and belittle their faith, intelligence and character.

"[It] was fun to consider myself superior to the unenlightened, superstitious masses, and to make snide comments about Christians," Ordway confesses.

Her intellectual pride was broken and she was humbled by God's goodness as she began to see herself as a sinner” writes Lillian Kwon in “The Christian Post”.

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